Audioengine A5 speakers??


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Aug 10, 2019
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Heard these Ipodish active speakers recently...tbh, they sounded better to me than my Epos M5 with NAD320BEE..for a moment I thought maybe somehow they were coloured in a way making them tuneful to the ear. Best thing is the price of these buggers. Any reviews yet WHF guys on these speakers. If you do a search online, there are >20 reviews easily and all are 4.5/5 or 9/10......However they sounded not as neutral when going against my ATC SCM11 and Rotel RA-1062 combo but still pretty musical....I think products like these deserve a review at least once in WHF....I think for PC multimedia speakers, they easily trounce AE AegoM....(I have these too in black)...Funny that someone onto high end sound, would find the A5 fascinating but there are just too many good reviews to ignore them.


Well, they didnt happen to get 6 stars rite for the sound per pound...anyway, thx Lucas, shall be on the look out for how did you guys know about them, they are hot stuff in the US but maybe not so popular in UK ;)

BTW do they compete at any level with active monitors from Dynaudio or ATC? I know 'yes' is not an obvious option here as logic doesnt dictate it but I was planning on some Dynaudio BM6A studio mons and thought whether I would lose much by going the cheaper way by 6-7 times less moolah with these well reviewed desktop speakers...
I own some ATCs too (the older 7s and the current 11s and Dyne52, so I am quite used to a neutral detailed sound but I somehow find these modest A5 very fun to listen to...).

I shall grab a pair soon.....