Audio-Technica expands its high-end phono offering with the AT-ART20 dual-moving coil cartridge


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Nov 27, 2008
"The end is nigh for the LP" that is all we were told towards the end of the last century, how times have changed. Naim introduced a wonderful record deck, Linn and others have introduced new LP playing devices recently. RIP CD!
I think we've been here before - the fortunes of vinyl tell us nothing intrinsic about where CD goes. CD still outsells vinyl in unit terms, and there was a link posted recently to a story saying US CD sales had recently increased. CD may well die before vinyl, but it's motivated reasoning to claim CD is dead yet.

Unit sales: albums brought in £,the end of this year.

US CD sales: CD sales just rose for the first time in almost two decades - The Verge
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