Audio Decoding - Sony BDP-S1 and Onkyo TX-SR605


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi All:

I noticed, while watching Bluray on my system connected to my Onkyo TX-SR605 via HDMI (ver. 1.3), the proper audio selection from my Bluray player would not appear accordingly on my AV receiver. For example,a PCM 5.1 audio selection to a Dolby True HD 5.1 selection, I would notice that no difference on the display of my receiver would show. My receiver is set to DIRECT and regardless of my selection, the only other display that would appear on my receiver would be a forever constant PCM audio setting regardless of any audio selection I make via my Bluray player. Likewise, sound output would also always be a 2-channel stereo for whatever selection I choose. For this part, it would also be important to note that I have set my audio input to my receiver to HDMI audio just so everyone here is aware that I THINK I have set my receiver properly for the audio connection to my AV receiver.

In contrast, after some experimentation with my system, I recently added an optical cable for sound and this is where everything begins to change. On each selection I make on sound from my Bluray player, whether it be PCM 5.1 or Dolby True HD 5.1, etc. the correct corresponding decoding selection on my AV receiver would also show. So, selecting a Dolby True HD 5.1 on my Bluray player would make the Dolby Digital logo appear on my receiver and produce true 5.1 audio output for all my speakers. Just the same, when I select PCM 5.1 on my Bluray player, the receiver would switch to DIRECT AUDIO (a function of the Onkyo where the system sort of shuts down to produce the best hi-fi sound available) BUT produce a 2-channel stereo output on my speakers.

That being said, my question I guess would be what it is I should do to take full advantage of my system's current technology PROPERLY? I was always under the impression that using a HDMI (ver. 1.3) cable would automatically produce the best sound and likewise communicate with my receiver to its true audio codec/decoding. Meaning, if I select Dolby True HD, Dolby True HD should appear on my receiver. If I select PCM, Direct Audio should appear with its proper speaker output of 5.1 channel (that is of course if the disc carries 5.1 for the PCM). Is there really a need for the optical cable to communicate properly between my Bluray and AV receiver? It appears so with what I am currently experiencing with my system. Also, why is it that when I select PCM via optical cable, while the display on my receiver adjusts accordingly, sound reproduction comes out 2-channel stereo? And lastly, when I select Dolby True HD, shouldn't the Dolby True HD selection appear and not the Dolby Digital setting?

I feel my interconnects might be the problem, or maybe my AV receiver settings. My head has been juggling with these problems and any light on this would be greatly appreciated.



hi marcomp,i had same problem hooking my samsung 1500 to this receiver.if you go to setup and select listening mode presets and then select dvd.change hd audio and dts hd to hd audio and dts hd and not direct.then down to hardware setup,and switch hdmi sound to off. this worked for me although a few choice words along the way regards pompey2


Thanks Pompey.ÿ

I also tried switching HDMI SOUND to OFF and finally it would decode accordingly. ÿDolby to Dolby, DTS to DTS, PCM to PCM. ÿWorks great now.

ÿThanks again!ÿ


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Dec 28, 2007
I think there's some confusion going on here - which Blu-Ray player do you have?
Direct is not the right mode on the Onkyo for surround sound and you won't ever get any of the new HD formats using an optical cable...


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