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May 13, 2008
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Hello! I've already posted some questions about the Proac D1 and D2, but haven't got any reply, probably because not too many people have experience with these speakers.

I really need your help on deciding between these two. I've heard the D2's already and liked it very much, but would like to save on cost and go with the D1's if it would be ok for my medium size living room and listening to orchestral music.

I've heard they are voiced differently and the D2's are not just a bigger version of the D1's.

They would be driven by a decent 100W amplifier which is more than enough for my Harbeth's.

Please help! Thanks.

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
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I wouldn't say they're that differently voiced, I'd say that their physical dimensions and driver size will contribute more to their difference in ousnd than anything.

The D2's will be more efficiently (larger speakers generally are) and will make more of your amplifier's power output. They'll also sound fuller because of their extra cabinet volume and larger mid/bass driver, and this will also contribute to fuller sounding voices, as well as a greater scale.

Having a lighter, less prominent bass might give you a little more insight into the mix, but the trade off will be less bass depth and authority. I think most people would go for the more weightier output from the D2's, as long as the room isn't too small.


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