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Anyone got an ASUS Zenfone 10 with lossless bluetooth? I'm wondering what the sound quality is like with decent bluetooth headphones, or lossless ones if they exist. I found these cans, but they appear to use WIFI and bluetooth, but not aptx lossless:

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Jul 31, 2023
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Happy new year, podnocker; I'm just now seeing your post! I really like that compact Asus Zenfone 10, though I would require the 512gb model because it doesn't offer expandable memory. Otherwise, it is outstanding.

As for your linked article and the headphone reviewed, what is more "baffling" in the article is its report/claim that "Lossless support requires a smartphone to be equipped with Qualcomm’s AptX Lossless technology". I guess someone is earning points or more from Qualcomm and/or that $2K headphone company. That's not to say that the $2K headphones reviewed do not reproduce lossless nicely, of course; but, there are many more options available.

In fact, LDAC is another "technology", and many consider it the superior codec for Bluetooth transmission of lossless files. I my opinion and experience, it is. More importantly, and regardless, LDAC support is available through Android and should be available on any Android phone equipped with Android version 9 -I believe it was- or later. I run it on my own compact Samsung S10E that runs Android 12. Thus, many lossless (Android phone-based) options exist indeed! You will require LDAC-equipped headphones, but my ~$100 Soundcore Q35 "cans" reproduce my FLAC files beautifully through their LDAC connection! There would be many other LDAC-equipped phone/headphone options, including an Asus-combo one, presumably.

BTW, I also happily connect my also-LDAC-equipped and FLAC files-loaded HiBy player to my Q35s, and my phone, headphones, and player together (my wireless lossless solutions) didn't cost half of what these reviewed headphones cost!

Enjoy your Asus and your eventual lossless solution!
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