Assistance reqd sub woofer location


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi guys i am fairly new to all of this , i decided some time ago that i was going to have a seperate system, after much reading etc I decided on Onkyo 605 amp and Monitor Audio RS 5 fronts and centre with their dedicated surround speaker and the RS W12 sun woofer,

Having put all cables under carpet running with ripper rods the sub was placed at the end of our room. listening to the music from where we wuill sit the sub did not appear to be as effective compared to when we were facing it.

So i decided to move it , location was next to one of the front speaker, in order to do this and as not to get carpet up after all furniture had been delivered I cut the sub cable so i was left with a run long enough to do the job. I went to Maplins and he gave he audio jacks male female to join together. I did this, no soldering but heat shrink was used. When i switched it back on there is just a constant droning/ humming noise.

Is this because i have cut the cable and it no longer is encased in the pvc coating and then trhe coppoer sheilding along with poss poor new connections ? or is it that the a Sub Woofer cant be that close to the amps . front sperakers.

Need top know before i go and replace cable with wrong lebgth as we would prefer to have it facing us ?

Many thanks to save time

Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
It's the butchered cable that's to blame. Go buy a new one, and I would refrain from using it until you get a new one, as you could damage your amp or sub.


Cheers Chris many thanks problem will be solved, have used it since.



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