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Aug 10, 2019
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I am pulling my hair out (and believe me I don't have much to start with) and the more I seem to look the more confused I seem to get. I have decided to set myself a budget of £1000 but for that I want a decent LCD ty, 32 or 37", Cinema surround sound with DVD and a nice stand. Last night on Richer Sounds I found a package which looked good containing Samsung LE32R74 32" LCD TV, Sony STRDE400 Receiver, Sony DVPNS29 DVD Player, Yamaha NSP110 Speaker Package all for £750. Add on to this a decent stand, speaker stands and their ridiculous £100 delivery charge I am just over my budget. For the same price on Empire Direct I can get a 37" package incorporating LGE-37LF66 TV, LG HT552TH Dolby Digital surround sound, a nice looking Optimum TV900-3B-VISION stand and a free 3 year warranty all for £1020. Sadly I am house bound so cannot get out to visit the shops and test the quality for myself. I would appreciate anyone opinions on the 2 offers above or anything similar I could consider. Thanks in advance

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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How about...

Toshiba 32C3030 at around the £420 mark with a bit of Googling

Toshiba SD-370 DVD player around £60 online

Give the Sony receiver a swerve as it's discontinued and go for the Onkyo TX-SR505 instead (£250), or at a pinch the Denon AVR-1507 for around £200 from some of the discount retailers.

Tannoy FX5.1 speaker package £150 at Richer Sounds

Target S320 rack around £200.

£1080, job done - and it'll look and sound much better than either of the packages you mention above.


Thanks for the swift reply and pricing everything up, deffinately looks like a winner and well worth the money.


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