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are new drivers rubber surrounds supposed to be stiff as mine are not


New member
Jun 8, 2012
hi guys ,recieved a pair of bookshelf speakers with 16cm morel bass/mid bass drivers and the manufacterer says the will take 40-60 hours of driving to make them pliant and run in but they were so loose when out of the box , have the same make and range for fronts and center and they are still stiff in the rubber surround and the center is 5 years old and fronts 2 years old...makes me think they are not new . i hope you guys can understand what im saying.are rubber roll surrounds stiff when new? appreciate your thoughts :cheers:


Well-known member
Feb 15, 2009
I wouldn't expect an obvious difference after 'running in', at least not to the touch. The surround should stay much the same for many years. Therefore it shouldn't be obviously stiff when new.

If the difference is significant maybe they have refined the production or changed the material. There is not much benefit in a firm surround as long as it holds the cone in place, in fact ideally the cone should be held in by 'invisible thread' or something with less influence than the surrounds.

Are the ones you are comparing both sealed boxes or both ported, as that makes a difference?



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