Are all stereo amps capable of linking to an AV receivers pre out??


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Sep 6, 2007
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I really need to know as my Creek Evo seems not wanting to sing with my Sony AV receiver. I am happy to ditch my receiver for a better product if its his fault but would not be willing to let go of my Evo. For the record I have the Sony STR-DA1200. There is barely any sound when I connect the two amps and when I try to increase the volume on the Creek, the speakers start crackling.


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if you connect them as Andrew has suggested then yes, as all amplifiers do is increase the inputed info. Does not matter what amp you use they all do the same thing.

I would have to say it is your settings or your connections. Personally i like to keep the speakers separate as an AV set up really needs all the speakers to be the same except for the center as that is the most important. Dont forget that you do not get much info from the fronts or the surrounds. If it has been calibrated and the amp has made the settings then watch a dvd and it should be fine but with a bias to the center.


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