Arcaydis DM1 with Teac Ref Mk3?


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Aug 10, 2019
I currently have a Teac Reference Mk3 and am looking to replace my 10 year old battered speakers to something with a cleaner sound. I'm not totally sure about matching the power of the amp to the speakers, I am guilty of cranking it up sometimes so I want something that can handle the power of the amp as at the moment I can hear the speakers struggle at around -20db and I never push them further, although that's about loud enough anyway.

The spec of my amp is

* Power output: 45w x 2
* Harmonic distortion: 0.05% (1kHz)
* S/N ratio: 95dB; 70dB phono
* Frequency response: 5Hz–80kHz

My budget is around £150-200 although I can go above that if it's worth it. I was originally looking at either a pair of Dali Lektor 2 for £170 or some Mordaunt Shorts, but then I saw a review for the Arcaydis DM1 and thought they could be exactly what I'm after.

Only thing I'm worried about is with my current amp, would I really be getting the best out of them and could I justify going over my budget for them? Or will I get a similar sound out of the Lektor 2 anyway and the extra money spent would be wasted?

What I really want is something that will give me the truest sound in the top end but with a nice deep bass if I do want to crank them up occasionally.

Be great if someone could help me out and maybe make some recommendations as well


Also looking at the Monitor Audio BX2 but reluctant to push above £200 for them. Such a speaker noob...


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Feb 19, 2009
i think they are sexy looking speakers but hard to demo. i would stick with you plan and go and have a listen to the dalis. then maybe try and see if you can demo the old ma br1/2's there at good prices