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Aug 10, 2019
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I have the above amp and it is starting to play up noisy volume control and intermittent loss of 1 channel. How does the Arcam compare to modern amps such as the Marantz PM6002 or Cambrige Azur 640a or would I need to spend more to get an improvement. The rest of the system is Arcam alpha+ cd player and tannoy dc2000 speakers, I will probably change the cd player at a latter date.

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Sep 6, 2007
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Arcam are still a very good make, and alwasy will be i think

With regards to your set-up, you could get a very big improvement by buying 2nd hand on Ebay for not that much money.

You could get an Arcam alpha 7, 8 or 9 integrated amp for less that £200, an Arcam Alpha 7, 7/8 or the 7SE or 8SE CD players for less than £120 and then you'd just need to look at changing your speakers.

It all depends on what budget youve got and what youre after in particular.

My current set-up, bar the speakers, was all purchased off Ebay and it's fantastic. Just make sure that youre buying the seperates off reliable sellers and that the items are in mint condition.


I have considered buying a second hand alpha 9 but am a bit worried about the reports of noisy controls as I have similar problems. I did audition a delta 290 which i think is very similar to the alpha 9 and didnt think it sound much better than the delat 60 anyway not enough to make me spend the extra money even though it had a remote control volume



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