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Arcam alpha 10 phono integrated amp vs Nad C356BEE


New member
Sep 6, 2007
Think you need to re-type your message again...

But; as a guestimate by the title I'd go for the Arcam Alpha 10!

Both are superb amps BUT the Arcam would be the better of the 2

It was a £1k award winner in its day (very late 1990's) and one of the best amps they ever made!


New member
Mar 7, 2011
I really like the sound of NAD amps - they're not the most neutral or transparent, but very 'musical'. I've never heard the 356BEE, so can't say whether it follows the general trend, but it should produce a nice sound.

The Arcam I have heard lots of, with the matching 10P power amp, and it sounds great to my ears - very neutral, detailed and able to produce a very realistic soundstage. Obviously they are getting on a bit in years now, so can be picked up for good money. You could probably get both the integrated and matching power amp for not too much more than the NAD, and I have no doubt they would beat the NAD hands down in terms of sound quality and ability to drive any speaker that you were partnering them with.

Hope that helps :)



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