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Aug 10, 2019
After fairly extensive reading (starting from little knowledge) I've made a few purchases and am trying to figure out my next move before spending more. To that end I'm looking for a touch of guidance.

I've got a desktop PC with all my ITunes music(200gb stored actually on an external hard drive permanently plugged in). I just bought an Apple TV2 and an iPad all for what I still think are the right reasons - I don't have a laptop for example. But where I'm coming unstuck is that I can't store all my music on my iPad and I thus need my desktop on if I want access to my whole library - to send to apple tv to play through main surround sound system. I was therefore pointed in the direction of a NAS drive. However I'm now reading that this might not solve my issues unless my apple tv is hacked. If this has relatively few drawbacks I wonder if someone might share a few thoughts in that regard.

But another thing i'm wondering is, even if I have a NAS say, can I map my iTunes library on the ipad so I can at least see what I've got although nothing would actually be stored on the iPad? Kind of using it as a glorified remote control for apple tv? Or same question for the iphone?

I'm not asking the world of my systems - I basically just want to know how to get access to all my music. I think I'm regretting not getting a macbook or some such where I can control and play everything.

Any help greatly appreciated!



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Nov 26, 2010
Or secret option B, upload all your music to iCloud and stream your music to the Apple TV. As long as you have an unlimited broadband abount, this is by far the easiest option and doesnt involve several devices chewing up power. Unless of course all your music is lossless, then this will be no use.

Sounds like you need to look at the Firecore flash for your ATV.


Thanks for the response. Maybe it's just me but I'm not keen to trust Apple with my stuff online. I know if it's on my drive I'll always have access to it. So, I think I'll get a NAS and try to figure the whole thing out. It seems there's all sorts of software to work around a few of the issues. Still not quite figured though if I can use my iPad to control the whole thing without anything actually being stored on it. I presume so...


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Dec 28, 2007
FYI - when you upload to iCloud, that doesn't mean you don't also have a local copy - all your music will still be in iTunes. It will just also be available through the internet should you want to stream it that way.

Not saying it's definitely the way to go, NAS. jailbreaking and Firecore might be better, especially if you're looking to stream lossless tracks rather than 256k AAC files.


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Aug 13, 2008
Barkers111 said:
Still not quite figured though if I can use my iPad to control the whole thing without anything actually being stored on it. I presume so...

A synology nas may be the answer. They have an app called DS Audio (amongst others) which allows you to access the music on the NAS via iPad (iPodTouch or iPhone) and send it to an airplay devices, eg Apple TV or Aiport Express.

I have the DS211j and am very happy with it. It's not the cheapest NAS around, especially once you stick in a couple of 2TB HDs which are now around £100 each due to the Thai floods but I'm very happy with it. Have a look at these to websites for some further information.


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Jan 4, 2008
Like Chisy1 I have a synology NAS which holds all my music and photos. I too have the required apps to accompany the synology NAS. I can play music from my NAS through my iPhone anywhere in the house (and anywhere with an Internet connection if I can sort out the port forwarding on my O2 router?!!!)

It all works seemlessly and I use AirPlay to play through my airport express on my hifi or through my Apple TV. Photos too can be streamed onto my TV. All in all it is perfect and I don't need my very old and slow desktop on which is the main point.


With the synology NAS would you be able to access photos as well as music on the iPad?

I'm looking for a way to view my saved photos from my other camera on theipad...

Any thoughts?


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May 4, 2008
Synology NAS is great bit of kit used with iPad/iPod and ATV/AEX.

Enable AirPlay and you won't even need iTunes running.

Check the iOS App out:


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