Apple TV versus Sonus


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Mar 9, 2010
Hi all,
Which would give me better SQ?
Music ripped to Apple lossless stored on a NAS streamed via a Sonus ZP 90 using Arcam AVR 500 dac's
Music ripped to Apple lossless streamed from iphone4 via Apple TV again using Arcam AVR 500 dac's ?
I do not want multiroom capability just want to use main system so would not expand Sonus system in the future.

Thanks in advance
Im sure you mean Sonos & not Sonus. Here's my opinion:

1) SQ difference will be very little between the two, especially as you'll be using your Arcam's DAC. The Sonos will be a bit better as it doesn't have to do any video processing. Having audio & video processors in one tiny Apple TV can affect audio performance.

2) Sonos is the more expensive option (significantly), especially if you're not considering multi room. If the ZP90 is not close to a wifi router, then the ZoneBridge is another expense. At least one of Sonos components has to be connected to the router via an Ethernet cable. Not to forget, you will be tempted to go multi room (Sonos is addictive).

3) Sonos uses it's own mesh network rather than your existing wifi router's. So audio dropouts will be less frequent on the Sonos as compared to Apple TV.


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Jul 25, 2011
The Apple TV is a magic little box and sounds eqaul to the CD player I had before selling it. The fact it does video and TV is an added bonus.

I'd also add that you'd need a ******* good system to tell the difference between it and Sonos if one exists, and the TV may sound better depending on the DAC you choose to go with it.