Apple Lossless Compatibility


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Jun 1, 2011
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I've been using my iPod Classic, which is loaded with ALAC files, primarily as a portable but as I have begun to use it more as a hi-fi source I want to make the most of it by accessing the digital information and sending it to a DAC. I've considered a dock like Onkyo's ND-S1 feeding a suiitable DAC or something like the HRT iStreamer. As I could also do with a new CD player I have also considered the Marantz SA KI Pearl Lite, whose front-mounted USB port will take the digital signal directly from the iPod.

My question is, will all of these play Apple Lossless files?


If you want to access the raw digital audio files on any ithing device you need to be very careful. Most docks etc DO NOT allow you to bypass the ithing DAC so in effect you are simply supplying an inferior analogue signal. Ones which DO bypass the ithing DAC are one by Wadia, Onkyo do one, Pure do one and you can always by a Peachtree iDecco which includes and amp as well. TMOST other docks connectors do not allow bypass of the Apple DAC (another reason why they are flawed!). Just thought I'd mention this as there are an awful lot of devices claiming "direct digital" connection which do no such thing.

The Peachtree by the way is an excellent bit of kit but then I would say that coz I own one


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