Apple iPhone 14


Dec 22, 2022
I recently purchased the iPhone 14 standard model. I had an IPhone X before that. After a bit of using my new 14 in the car using a lightening to 3.5mm music has been sounding bright and harsh. I compared it to my X and my ten sounded warmer and notes were richer while the 14 sounded pointy and flat and hurt my ears. So I ordered a 13 and another 14 to compare. Strangely, the new 14 didn’t get near as loud as my first 14. Noticeably. So huge variance between phones. The 13 seemed a bit better in terms of less harsh but also didn’t get as loud turned all the way up. I also compared them all with my wife’s iPhone 12 Pro Max and my daughters iPhone 8, both of which sounded normal to me for what I’m used to hearing in an iPhone. Richer, warmer, easier to listen to even when loud. But both iPhone 14 phones have issues in my mind as well as the 13. Seems super strange to me and greatly disappointing cause I use my phone for music more than anything and I am going to have to buy another X or Xs as I don’t like big phones, so not interested in pro versions. I guess I could try a 12 but I’m gonna be buying phones for awhile. My only hope is that my ears just happen to be sensitive to a new device and the Dac needs to wear in but it hasn’t happened after a week and I doubt the sound is gonna change that much when 3 new phones out of the box sound different from each other and different from previous models. Sound is subjective of course, but something is off. To be clear, the issue is when any headphone or cable is plugged into lightning jack.


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