Apple HomePod 2: price, release , features and latest news


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Nov 15, 2010
Unfortunately, you can't pair the second-generation speaker with the original or a Mini

Is this right? Surely you can pipe music round the house using the HomePod 2 in one room and then syncing it to play on HomePod Mini’s in other rooms? Also, it pairs to other Mini’s using the intercom feature?

I get that it won’t pair with the original but surely this can’t be right? If it is then that’s just stupid and yet another reason not to buy it.

I was really looking forward to a new HomePod variant but this is so underwhelming. I have been waiting for an upgraded version for ages and refused to budge on the old one due to price and dated features. Being an Apple eco fan boy I still wanted one so the sound better be a major improvement to sway me to splash the cash or I’m going to have to wait ages again for Version 3 !!! It’s thus far not enough - hurry up a get one in for a review please to change my initial disappointment by telling me it’s amazing sound wise.


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