Anyone have the new samsung es tv yet?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Could anyone lucky enough to of recieved their new sammy tv , tell us how fast moving sport like football looks ie any motion issues ? I ask as im seriously considering one of these and will be mainly watching the euros and Olympics on it. :) .


Picked one up this morning - 40in version.

Unfortunately I can't get it to recognise the input sources which are coming through an HDMI over Cat extender (worked fine with previous TV)!

Also, there does not appear to be iPlayer installed on it and no means of installing it - very dissapointed to so far.


Had my 46ES7000 two weeks very pleased with it ,fantastic picture,connected wirelessly easily.Iplayer and 4OD coming with an update.Records onto my 8gb pen drive.All good up to now.


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Sep 9, 2008
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Just received the full refund from Sony for my defect set, so I went for the ES8000 55" and was very pleasantly surprised.

As mentioned in another thread, if you take the time to calibrate it properly, there is zero clouding or bleeding.
In fact, I'd have to say it exceeds my reference standard KDL52W4500 and that sat the bar high.

The motion control is not very good, the voice control actually works quite well.
But the picture and video processing are state of the art.
Extra glasses cost a mere £20 each and it plays my 3D still pics right off a USB stick.
The IR blaster is a stroke of genius and the set seamlessly locked into my NAS networks.

Bizarrely, the picture works best when set in "game" mode ;)

After calibration the 3D performance is nothing short of breathtaking, really.
If you are in a position to buy one of these babies, don't hesitate, just go and take the plunge!


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Aug 13, 2008
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Hi Tonya

Apologies for highjacking the thread slightly.

How hot do the edges get? i went into a local store and they were rather hot, but then it was attached to the wall so no ventilation at the rear, so was wondering if that was causing the edge to heat up quite considerably.

I'm wondering whether i can squeeze the 46"ES8000 it into a TV cabinet but it would literally only have 1mm on either side but would have ventilation on top, bottom and behind it. Obviously concerned about over heating on the left and right edges

i tried emailing Samsung about the "environment" that the TV needs to be positioned in but absolutely no reply.




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