Anyone familiar with Behringer U-Control UCA202?


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Hi all. I've always loved the iMac g4 (the angle poise style one), and now you can pick one up for under £100 odd off ebay with a bit of patience (for a nice 17" example, the 20" is holding its value remarkably well at around £250), I was thinking about taking a punt on one.

I was wondering however, it puts me off that it has no optical outputs on it. It would make a rather pretty itunes server if I could add an optical or coax. I saw the Behringer U-Control UCA202 on Amazon for £20 ish quid, has anyone used one? are they any good?


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Jun 2, 2008
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I'd add the Behringer budget and try and get a last model (Intel Core 2 Duo) white 20" iMac. It is even Lion compatible. (Although I still have SL 10.6.8 on mine).

You'd get all the nice 802.11n wireless and support for the latest iTunes (AirPlay compatible) too.

Mine is 2.33GHz and also has a 320GB HD and 3GB RAM so it's still fairly powerful even though it's just over 4 years old.

They must be fairly cheap now.


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I know from previous threads that you are a design fan (at least of deiter raams?), so hopefully you won't think I'm too mental, but I'm more trying to find a use for the g4 rather than buy the best budget mac (I apreciate yourse is logical advice). When I was a young design student, I absolutely fell in love with the g4. I've been trying to collect some of my favourite personal design classics, but it didnt seem right having a functioning computer sat around doing nothing like my Hot Bertaa is... (to be fair, Bertaa is a bit of a liablity) Most of my favourites are outside what I would be prepared to spend on sentimentality (I would love to sit in an Aeron chair every day at work, but not for £600...) but I can manage this :)


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