Any Tannoy Arena or Mordaunt Short Alumni owners out there?


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Aug 10, 2019
I'm finding it impossible to find an audio shop who can arrange a sound demo for me that I'm thinking of just buying without a proper sound test. The main problem being that no-one seems to have in stock more than 1 range of speakers that I'd like to listen to. I know that goes against everything I read on here but I've been holding off buying for so long now that I just bored of waiting. I was thinking of either the Tannoy Arena's (around £750-800) or the Mordaunt Short Alumni (around £420). A big price difference I know, so I guess my first question is whether anyone has compared the two and whether the difference is that noticeable? I've opted for the 'style speakers', so my second question would be, am I going to regret it or has technology moved on such that the difference compared to 'proper' speakers isn't an issue any more?

Any owners of either set (including the Arena Lite) care to comment on their experiences? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Decided I'm going to stick with my orginal plan and get the 606 to pair with them.



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Oct 14, 2007
I have had the Tannoy Arena 'style speakers' for over a year now and to put it quite simply ... they are amazing !

well worth the buy - - - you will NOT be disapointed I assure you.

You can also look at the write-up on them from ''What HiFi'' on this site.


Hi Alan,

Many thanks for the advice, I was beginning to think no-one liked me! Any particular reasons you went for them and anything in particular you like about them? May I ask what amp you're using to drive them and what you mainly use them for? I'm looking to use them for movies and games only. When you bought them, did you sound test with any other speakers for a comparison?

Thanks again, I appreciate the feedback. I've read all the reviews but I wanted to hear from someone who's using them in a real home environment as well.


I have the Arena ('full' not the Lite's) up and running for a few days now and I'm absolutely flabbergasted by the performance! The sound as good as they look

They're being fed by a Denon AVR-2808. If you use them for movies and games only you will be blown away: they pinpoint details and immerse you in a dense multi-channel environment.


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Aug 24, 2008
havent heard the alumni...but listened toother MS speakers...sound very harsh to me.there's a review here about the alumni.with tannoys i guess u couldn't go wrong!


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