Any advice on the Pure Legato II Vs. Pure DMX-60?


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Aug 10, 2019
These two systems are the only ones i can find which have the ability to play MP3's from an SD card and record DAB to the memory card too...this is a massive draw for me as it saves having to create loads of mp3 cd's and make's it easy to create new playlists as and when.

So my dilemma is which to opt for...the Legato II looks like the much nicer of the two and has significantly more connections, plus the availabilty of DAB L-Band (which the DMX-60 doesn't)...however i've seen a lot of poor reviews on the sound quality which it produces and of course the price. For me the negatives of the DMX-60 are it's overall look, lack of L Band DAB and fewer connection sockets. BUT...if it's audibly better at reproducing music then i'm virtually sold; after all i'm buying a hi-fi to listen to music!. (Have no idea on colour though...Gun Metal or Black - any opinions?)

Can anyone give me any advice on whether the DMX-60 is the better choice of the two for sound quality (is it really noticeable?) or if there are any alternatives which offer mp3 recording and playback from a memory card.


Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
We've tested both systems, and the DMX-60 sounds better than the Legato II - and is cheaper!
The Legato II is definitely a case of style-over-substance, and falls well below Pure's usually very high standards.

As for the style...I think the silver version looks classier - especially as the speakers have a cherry-wood veneer finish, rather than the black-ash of the black version, which looks a tad cheap, IMHO....


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