Any advice/information gratefully received.


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Nov 1, 2008
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Hi everyone,

I am looking for any advice, comments and information the learned members may be able to proffer.

I have just replaced the 3 disc spinners in my signature with a Denon BDP 2012 UD and am happy so far however the next

upgrade will be the AV amplifier/receiver. I want to step up a level and require 9.1 or 9.2 channel output so I can bring my

rear surrounds back into play and still bi-amp the front speakers, 3D capability and make a good fist of 2 channel and multi-

channel SACD playback ( the TV will be changed in the New Year).

So far I have shortlisted

1) Onkyo TX NR 1009

2) Yamaha RX A 2010

3) Pioneer SC LX 75

4) Denon AVR 4311

Any other suggestions at around the £1200 - £1700 price level (preferably new units and not used or refurbished)?

All of the above are within my budget however any comments on the compatibility sonically with the BDP 2012 and the

existing speakers would be most welcome.

Are the speakers going to struggle with any of the abovementioned amps? - indeed are the speakers good enough for the

proposed set-up?

Any comments will be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.



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Dec 13, 2010
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The Onkyo 605 is a pretty capable amp and with your "entry level" QA1000 series speakers I would expect to get a very decent listening experience. However, I'm not sure if you would hear much of an improvement in the sound by jumping from the 605 to any of the £1000+ amps you mention. If anything I would expect any of those amps to be capable of damaging the QA1000 series if you got a little enthusiastic with the volume dial.

In order to fully utilise the extra performance you really should be looking at a similar step up for your speakers.


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