another 64, as dated as commodore 64


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Dec 24, 2021
3 desert island discs , tough choice but off the top of my head

Tom Waits - Blue Valentine
Argus - Argus
Bowie - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars

I'm so out of date with HiFi, my last working system was Rotel 820 amp, Arcam Alpha 7 se CD player, Rega Planar 3 and some ancient wharfdales, its all in the loft still. That setup hosted some good parties back in the day. For a while I did own a Quad 33 and 303 and some nice speaker with funny shaped glass looking bits on top whose name I cant remember. Was all stolen in a burglary just before a party and my mates took the piss as the thieves left my music collection behind 😂. Digital kinda ruined it all for me, I thought it was great to start with but then missed the artwork and ritual of changing and choosing albums and got lost in a jumble of mp3's playing sub standard sound on a series of continually out of date phones Zens, ipods and speakers . Despite a past in tech I'm lost recently looking at potential new audio equipment, would like something multiroom and to rip my CD's but still play my wife's physical CD's and maybe look at streaming. And maybe the option to plug in the Rega for my thief rejected vinyl collection 😊

Will inevitably post my naive whats a DAC type Q's in due course 🙄

Hello all by the way 👋
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