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Aug 10, 2019
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Maybe someone can explain me: I want a good quality amp that I can also plug in my expensive sennheiser HD 650 headphones into. Interest= classical music/ I nearly decided on buying the Musical Fidelity XT100 amp (with XRayV8 CD player) BUT now I am told it has no headphone jack and needs a headphone amplifier which can cost me a further $500 !!! Now I am confused. I don't understand. I thought an integrated amplifier has a pre-amplifier that does the job of a headphone amp. Could someone explain me some of the basics of this? I looked up the Quad 99 power amp and couldn't see any headphone input there either. My very cheap Marantz SR-47 amp has one. Are there good quality amps that I can plug my headphones into?


Headphones sockets on amplifiers are becoming rarer and rarer. The most likely cause of this, is because they may (somehow) have an adverse effect on the sound quality. If you were looking at a poweramp, this will be the problem, because the headphone output will most likely be on the pre-amp. It's a British trend I think!


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