Amplifier for MS carnival 2


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello master here, i am planning to upgrade my current system

source - china Zero dac with HDAM output

Amplifier - Yamaha RX-V793

Speaker - Mokrdaunt-short Carnival 2

interconnect - Mogami 2549

Speaker cable - Chord silver screen

i found my system had very bad in instrument and vocal seperation, small sound stage.Currently i had try Marantz,Denon 700AE,Cambridge Audio 540,NAD 325BEE,Audioromy FU13,Naim nait 5Italic, but sadly i love only the sound from Marantz, NAD,Audioromy and Naim. The Naim nait 5italic with ProAc tablette referrence 8
signature, the bass extension, vocal, sound stage is perfect for me. but there are a lot of nice amp around i had no chance to try them out, I hope to get some idea on upgrading my current system to a stereo amplifier.Any master has a idea on Primare i20 and Pioneer A6 or those old school NAD 3020,Nait 1,Naim pre/power,Luxman L5 would be a nice match with my speaker?

Thanks in advance~~