Amp Repair advice needed Arcam 6


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, unfortuanately I have managed to knock my much loved Arcam 6 amp on the floor (only fell about a foot) it fell on to the back and now only one of the speakers works, the other doesn't make any sound but just crackles every now and then. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that could offer advice on what could be wrong/broken or what to look for inside or even offering parts to repair it (of course I will pay).

Thanks to anyone that can help and is willing to. Al

John Duncan

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Nice idea, but check your contents insurance won't then go up by the price of a Primare

Otherwise, agree - bin it and buy another.


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Jul 20, 2007
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How are the Penguins?

P.S In answer to original post, talk to insurance but cheapest option is probably second-hand alpah 7 on eBay or similar

John Duncan

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[quote user="Gwyndy"]John
How are the Penguins?[/quote]

Very nice thank you - 50% extra free in Waitrose at the moment. Got some Tunnocks Caramel Wafers in as well, which are better than bi-wiring.


I had the same problem with my JVC. Here's a good way of diagnosing the problem. Turn the balance to the broken output, turn it up fairly high (not over half way) with a cd/tuner/record on and then see if you can vaguely hear it. If the answer is yes - that's not all bad news because it means the power amplifier is broken and a little fiddling inside (UNPLUGEED, CAPACITORS DISCHARGED) may resolve the problem. If there is no sound, perhaps intermittent distorted sounds, give it a tap all around (back/top/under/sides/front) about the same strength as knocking on someones door and if it comes back on now, you have a dry joint somewhere on the circuit boards which, put briefly, means there is a loose connection somewhere.



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