Amp/Power amp for Neat Elite Se


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Aug 10, 2019
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I just bought second hand Neat Elite Se and I guess I need new amp to make the most out of them. My current source is Linn Sneaky ds. My room is rather small. Music I listen to is usually rock and all sorts of electronic tunes. Budget plus/minus 400 for second hand gear.

I am not into clinical and analitical sounding staff. I tend to cherish airy, melodic , well defined sound and good firm base.

Going throught hi fi forums I had an impression that Densen and Naim amp would be my first chioce. I skip over later as I wasn't fully satified with Nap 150x and I would like to focus on Densen. For the money I have I could get Densen b 100 mk5 or one of power amps 300 or 305. Is there any difference between them?

I was also thinking about Roksan Caspian power amp ( for 300 ) Would it be a good match for Neat's?

Last option I have at this point is int and power Exposure 2010 amp's. Would they give a justice Neat Elite speakers?

I would really appriciate if you share your thoughts on this. Do you see any other options?

Many thanks


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Aug 21, 2009
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The Sneaky is a great source, and your choice of Denson and Naim amps is a good one. If you want to throw some Class A into the mix consider Sugden, Pure Sound, Pathos and Vincent.



Thanks Cno

Anybody else?

Densen or Neat owners?

Especially I am curious if there is any advantage of buying Densen 305 power amp which is more recent and improved machine ( I would assumed ) instead of Densen beat 100 mk5?


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