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Aug 10, 2019
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After many years in the hi-fi Wilderness I've decided to buy a new system. Not spent a penny on hi-fi equipment for the last 15 years. After buying a Monitor Audio i-deck recently, It's sort of got me interested again. So, I popped to a store this week and had a listen to a pair of GX50's. They put them on Cyrus kit (not sure which model), but it sounded fantastic to me. I've set myself a 2K budget and would like to get the speakers. I have a Marantz CD player, and it will for now as I'm thinking about moving to some sort of streaming unit later. So, it leaves me about £1K for the amp and cables.

Any suggestions on amps and cables, guys. This is all new to me and I'm not sure about any of the modern day equipment. Oher than what I've read the last week or so.


Hi Dave

I've listened to the GX100 on a Cyrus 8 system and sounded rather impressive*.

This is a perfect case, however, for a dem and possibly home trial.

Think the new GX range (standmounters) needs a gutsy amp: Naim, Rotel (possibly), Leema Pulse (Maybe), Arcam A32, Roksan Caspian or possibly Primare I30.

From personal experience Chord cable and Merlin should be a fine addition.

*Not a huge Cyrus fan but certainly worth a listen.


I'm currently considering the M/A GX50's and 100's currently to go with my Cyrus Stream set-up which has an XPower amp and PSX-R

I've heard both the 50's and 100's with the Cyrus 8XP along with a PSX-R and a Rega Apollo, Cyrus 6SE and Audiolab 8200CDP and IMO the Cyrus amp and PSX-R with the Rega Apollo and Audiolab CDP's was absolutely fantastic

All stuck together with Chord Odyssey 2 speaker cable and Black Rhodium Prelude interconnects...


Thanks guys, I might have a look at the weekend a the options you mention. I quite like Cyrus but never owned one. Last amp I bought was and Audiolab 8000C/P (Circa 1995), so going back some years. I was interested to see if the new audiolab gear was better than the old stuff and wonder if it would work well with the GX50's.

Just might give it a try an see. Leema and a few others might just be out of my price band - Set myself a strict (ish) budget.

Anyway, I'm sold on the MA GX50's. They look stunning in the piano white finish and Mrs O, loved them in the shop. Half the battle;)


You'll not go far wrong with the likes of the new Audiolab amp or even the Cyrus 6XP amp will work very well with the GX50's

What about going down the 2nd hand route; an Arcam FMJ A32 or Cyrus 8VS2 with a PSX-R would work very well indeed as would a Musicla Fidelity XA200 integrated amp


Just for your info:

In the December release, for streaming WHF match the Naim Uniti with the MA Gold GX50 and the cheaper UnitiQute (No CD and less power. Quote = 30W per channel in 8Ω) with the Dali Mentor Menuet.

Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS)

MA Gold GX50: 50 - 100 W

Dali Mentor Menuet: 20 - 100 W

Enjoy your quest!


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