Amp for Mission 775 Series Speakers


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Aug 10, 2019

10 years ago my parents purchased a good audio separates system which consisted of a set of Mission 775 Series speakers, NAD 3020i amplifier and NAD stereo Poweramp 2200. Last year one of the speakers started to cut in and out (you could wiggle the speaker connections on the back of the Poweramp and it would cut on and off). Since then both speakers have quit working completely.

I have removed the Poweramp and tried running the speakers with just the 3020i (assuming it was the Poweramp which was faulty) however I do not get anything from the speakers. I have tested the speakers and know they are not the problem any other tests I can do?

It seems my only option is to replace the two NAD amps with a new single amp. My problem now is what amp to match up with the speakers - an area where I am a novice. The speaker spec recommends an amplifier between 30-200W @ 8 ohm - the NAD 3020i is rated to 140W, the 2200 at 100W...

A retailer I was at recommended the Marantz PM6004 but I am afraid it is not powerful enough for these speakers at only 45W per channel. Is this true? And if so what type/range of amp would I need to be looking for...

Any help would be much appreciated..!


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Welcome to the forum Starfoxy.

The more power you can give a speaker, the better the amp will be able to control the movement of the drivers. That said, the PM6004 would be fine unless you wanted to push the amp to louder volumes than it could handle whereupon it'll start clipping and you'll end up with at best some distortion and at worst you'll have b***ered the amp and/or speakers.

Give the Marantz a whirl, it's meant to be very fine for the money. For a similar outlay check out the Onkyo I'm using below which is 100wpc into 6ohms and is a steal at the price you can get it currently. Others will no doubt be along in due course to offer their suggestions, though these are two very fine amps and amongst the best on the market right now (nitpickers corner: the Onkyo is actually networked stereo receiver, so offers a bunch of functionality instead of being a bog standard integrated, but has a lovely even-handed tone, leaning towards neutrality than coloured towards one particular sound).

One last thing, you have tried another amp with your speakers - just to be sure (and likewise, tried other speakers with your amp, just to be super-sure)?!


Many Thanks for the welcome - I am indeed a first time poster.

And also thanks for the recommendation of the Onkyo Amp, I had not seen this at all. I am loving the extra features it comes with and I stumbled upon your thread with the review of it and have just read through it. I am now thinking it is a real contender for my money! I am also liking the way there is a bit more power there to...

Regarding the amp power/matching with my speakers - I just wanted to make sure I was getting the best value out of the speakers we have if that makes sense..! I.e. spending £250 on an amp like the Marantz which is really not going to match the power I really should be supplying the Mission 775's!


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