Amp for 9.6 wharfedale floor standers


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, after advice/ recommendations for a good stereo integrated amp, my old cr-1020 Yamaha has

Budget is bout the £500 mark and am willing to go used new?

The listening room is a massive 10m x 10m so power and authority is a must but not at the expense of imaging and detail.

The thinking is a yam as-500/700

Or a NAD although I'm put off by all the talk about how unrefined and untranparent they can be will the bigger room help or hinder this??

roksan and marrantz are considered but they tend to be around the 50w per chanel range and not sure it's gonna cut it.

So then what hi fi people, what's the line ya think? New/old.

(imput is CD10 cam audio and iPad thru dock)


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Nov 23, 2007
The Yamaha A-S500 would be a good choice, but I fear the A-S700 may sound a little too safe with the Wharfedales.

You should also look at the Cambridge Audio 651A which has ample power to grip the Wharfedales alongside a good deal of transparency and detail.

With regards to NAD, they are excellent amps but I'm not totally convinced the combination gets the best out of either the amp or the speakers. My NAD/Diamond 10.4 combo sounds very nice, but I do feel that an amp with more transparency would get more out of the speakers.

Marantz tends to go well with Wharfedale but I'd audition carefully as I suspect the Marantz might be overly smooth with the Diamonds.


Mm, was kinda thinking the same on 700, I don't get why yammaha would make that amp?? Seems odd that the 1000 and 2000 are so respected and the 500 the young upstart and then the 700 so dull?

The dales do sound a bit smooth their running off a rx-v667 at the moment and it's good but a deff compromise when it comes to stereo.

After something with a decent bit of attack.

Any idea how the new as-500 and ax-596 would compare?

Good tip on the Cambridge, thanks


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