Amp-cd and speakers Package


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi I Have been looking for a replacement system for a while and i have narrowed it down to the following Creek Evolution CD Player & Creek Evolution Stereo Integrated Amplifier and paired with Monitor Audio BR2 speakers with QED Silver Anniversary XT Speaker Cable and QED Qunex 1 Analogue Interconnect As a relatively newbie i would welcome any other recommendations or comments on my proposed system or other configurations within my budget. My main music choices are indie,rock, blues and a wee bit of jaz and pop, i.e most things , also i want to purchase a replacement turntable and have a budget of £250.00 , any recommendations. Thanks Paul Newman


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Sep 9, 2007
how about the epos m12.2 with your creek gear a match made in heaven,bit more expensive but well worth for a turntable goldring gr2 with a 1012 cartridge and if you go to superfi online they are doing a deal on the creek which may help with the cost of the epos speakers they were doing a deal on the goldring as well,failing that the project debut is good value.good luck,gregory.


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