Amp and turntable recommendations for these speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello all,

I'm looking to set up my first proper hi-fi system after recently acquiring the following speakers:

4 x Sony floor-standing speakers - model SSE, 662V, 160watts max output

KEF Audio PSW 1000 subwoofer

So i need recommendations for an amplifier and turntable, preferably around the £200 mark each. I've been looking at the Marantz PM6003 Amp, would this be suitable?

Thanks for any help!


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At 8 ohms nominal impedance and 88dB sensitivity these speakers should be easy to drive, though I have no idea how they sound - Sony's strike rate with speakers has been very uneven over the years.

The Marantz PM6003 will drive them fine and its a very good amp. However, you'd be best off just sticking to using one pair rather than 2 pairs of the Sony speakers unless you are looking to build a surround sound set-up, in which case you'd be better off looking for an AV receiver such as the Sony STR-DH820 and also looking for some sort of centre speaker.

What do you want to achieve with this set-up? Stereo or 5.1? Movies or music or both? Huge bass or a decently balanced sound?


Firstly, thanks for the advice. yeah i'm only using the system for music so not looking at surround sound and i'm i'd prefer a balanced sound as opposed to a ridiculously bass heavy sound. Does this mean the sub is redundent?

So the marantz amp has a built in phono stage? Does that mean i won't need a pre amp for the turntable?


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