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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi Everyone. I have various separates in storage as I have been living on a boat for the last 5 years. The amp and speakers are ancient and definitely at the end of their lives, but I shall be keeping my Cambridge Audio CD player (it's in storage so I can't confirm which one it is - save to say that it must be 6 years old!) because it's in good condition.

I am therefore only looking for an amp and speakers which will both go with the Cambridge Audio CD player, but I want them to be of sufficient quality that they will work happily with something else if I should find more money to buy a new CD player at a later date. I've been reading reviews and listening to speakers in shops for the last week or two and have the following short list:-

Amp options:

Cambridge Audio 340ASE

Cambridge Audio 540A V2

Rotel RA-04

Speaker options:

Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 or BR5

Monitor Audio Silver Silver RS5

B&W 685


Does anyone have any general suggestions regarding my plan to upgrade in stages, leaving the CD player til last, and my specific list of options?

For the record I should say that my winning vote so far is the Rotel/B&W combination, the MA and KEF speakers simply falling short on sound and build quality.

Thanks for any advice!


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Sep 6, 2007
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I think your winning choice of the Rotel and B&W speakers is about right :)

The BR2 speakers are wonderful as are the BR5s, better bi-amped but persoanlly i struggle to move away from B&W speakers.

What would be handy to know is the size of your listening room and what type of music you listen to?!?

If you go for the B&W speakers make sure you get some good stands, more so ones that can be weighted down with Atabites or similar.

I've recently purchased Atacama SE24 stands for my B&W 602 S3 speakers (matched with an Arcam Alpha 9 integrated amp) and the sound to me is wonderful. Plenty of beefiness and punch in the bass, nice and tight too!

Let us know how you get on!


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