Amazing mains upgrade


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Dec 23, 2007
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I'm now at a loss to understand why people bother upgrading their kit before they've upgraded their mains.

Some may know I'm lucky enough to have my Hi Fi & AV kit on a dedicated mains spur. However, research and advice on these forums led me to believe it was a half measure as the circuit was still connected to the rest of the house via the same consumer unit.

So, I eventually managed to persuade my extremely doubtful sparky to move the circuit onto its own (garage) consumer unit, and sink an earth spike for it into the ground.

Wow. Now I know with every upgrade we want to hear a difference but what a difference it's made. Surprisingly not so much with hi fi, although the bass is now more defined, more controlled, the treble is brighter (in a good) way, and the vocals even more insightful.

But it's the Blu Ray picture quality that's seen the biggest leap. I've never been that impressed with BD but now it finally looks like I'm watching high definition as opposed to a DVD. Wall-E, a favourite of my three-year-old now blows me away...

All this for a princely bill of £135 - about what you'd spend on a decent interconnect to try to improve things. The upgrade has been so worthwhile as it benefits every bit of kit.

I'm one very happy chappie, and even my electrician admitted he'd learned something!


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Nov 19, 2008
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Good for you. Long time before I'm able to do this (renting, can't see the landlord being impressed...)

Some people suggest a separate consumer unit for each component...