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Amarra software with IRC (room correction)


New member
Jul 6, 2010
I downloaded a demo of the above a couple of days ago and I it seems an interesting piece of software. I have used Amarra hifi for a while (as a license was given with my DAC), so I am curious about the room correction software provided by the full version.

Sonic Studio has integrated DIRAC IRC software into their music player. The way I understand it works is that you take measurements with a microphone connected to your mac, then it creates a filter for you (that you can customize) to compensate for room issues.

I am starting to play with it, and it looks quite interesting.

Is anyone on the board using it with success ? Or have you tried and it did not do anything for you ?

Happyn New Year to All from rainy Singapore...


New member
Jul 20, 2012
I have not used this specific package, but I have played with the excellent Inguz (free) plug-in that was available for the much missed squeezebox range. Using an impulse file (I asssume that is the Dirac in the name of package you are using) and a convolver is much more comprehensive than 'a filter' and can correct for both amplitude and phase errors in your system / room. In my humble opinion, room correction techniques are the most significant step forward in HiFi since the CD. If you want to play with some excellent (again free) software that will produce files for many hardware DSP systems, try googling 'Room Equalisation Wizard'

From my experience, it is a mistake to start with an awful setup (room shape, speaker positioning) and expect the DSP to correct everything. You can keep ramming power into a null, and still not get anywhere, just a hot amp. Get the room and speakers as good as you can, then use the room correction as the icing on the cake.

Good luck.