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Aug 10, 2019
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I currently have a mix and match system betwen my hifi and home cinema, my hi fi basically uses a sugden class A driving a pair of PMC FB1's, and my home cinema utilises a fairly bog standard (read obsolete) Sony AV receiver that provides a pre-out into the Sugden for left and right output and then drives the other channels directly into a set of Mordant Short home cinema speakers.

This is however a bit complicated for the missus, as she has to 'mess about' (her words) with two amplifiers and after i've played the hifi we have to reset the home cinema outputs to rebalance the front left and right with everything else.

I'd like to replace this with a single amp solution, but is there anything out there in the home cinema system that could match or improve on the sound of my sugden in two channel mode?

By the way I'm also still a huge vinyl fan (600+ albums) so need at least the opportunity to connect a good quality external riaa preamp.

I also use this system to drive both a HD projector and a flat screen so the more HDMI outputs the better (most seem to deal with lots of inputs but only one output)

Any ideas?



Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Think we're talking Onkyo TX-NR905 here - not sure it'd better the Sugden, but it'd get as close as any AV receiver can. But I'd definitely use it with an external phono stage into one of its line-ins, as the onboard one is merely OK...

FWIW I'm using a TX-SR875 into OB1s - but with the small addition of a Musical Fidelity Supercharger sitting next to each of the speakers!


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