Alternative to Sky in a place where it is the only choice...


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Aug 10, 2019
I live in Jersey, currently Sky is the only service outside of freeview that is offered.

The cost of my Sky sub is becoming an issue in the household and we are considering alternatives. Of course freeview is not all bad, but we do like to watch movies, especially on demand on Anytime.

I am wondering what alternatives there are to get hold of the movies quickly and legally. I do enjoy the trappings of a decent HD set up (well 5 years ago it was spot on ;) ) So I would like to be able to still experience 1080hd and some HD sound through the old Onkyo.

It appears streaming through netflix or lovefilm is rather limited and reliant on decent broadband (of which Jersey only has two providers :? ) An upgrade in speed is possible, as Jersey have finally got something decent (but my current 2gb is not going to be sufficient.) Also, these services apparently don't have a lot of choice, espeically more up to date stuff.

So the options I need to consider are:

Apple TV 3 - I understand the trappings of iTunes store, but is this really a decent alternative in terms of cost of movies, and how on demand are they? I see this as paying for itself from savings on two months of Sky subs.

PS3 - I secretly need to convince the better half this is a good idea, she sees 'Games games games' which having just flogged my xbox, I apparently have grown out of. But in terms of a media device for movies, is it any good? . . . Plus its the only format for Dust 514 :dance:

Finally, is there sufficient legal movie download services that can make a genuine media PC a good combo with Freeview? I guess all these options would need to have Freeview, or will our un-subscribed Sky box work the same?

Also, any alternative needs to be cost effective in terms of paying for itself once savings have occured through not lining Murdoc's pockets...

Cheers and apologies for the blabbering :wave:

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
Have you considered YouView?

"Sky has also confirmed this morning that its NOW TV internet TV service will be available on YouView from late summer.

It will offer viewers the option of a mix of pricing options, with no minimum contract, such as paying monthly for unlimited access to Sky Movies, or renting a single film on a pay-as-you-go basis."

Might be cheaper than your current contract with Sky. And BT is offering new Infinity customers (although I don't know if that's available in Jersey) a free YouView set-top box. Clickety


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Jul 31, 2008
steveitsu said:
will our un-subscribed Sky box work the same?

You will still be able to receive FTA/FTV channels on your Sky box after cancelling your subs, you will lose the ability to record and access to any recordings on the HDD though.


Thanks for responding.

Youview looks ideal. Hopefully there is availability in Jersey and on demand sky movies are not too steep.



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