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Aug 20, 2007
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I am now also after a budget system for my 3m by 5m lounge and have 3 options.

Onkyo CS 515 with BR2 or Kef iq5 speakers costing around £550 (for the kefs)

Cambridge Audio package with the 6 series amp and cd player and mordaunt short speakers for £550. Could use my current iq5's for this system and the MS for a micro system in my bedroom.

Rotel RA05 (cant do without the remote) Marantz CD6002 cd player at around £680 including cables.

With the last system i can use my current iq5's with it that are currently on a micro in the bedroom and an old pair of speakers can replace them and then buy a new set either for the Rotel, probably BR5's or something new Tannoys for example for the micro.

Budget isnt a problem and dab or radio is not essential. Which will sound the best, i assume the onkyo will struggle against the others and is the What hifi recommendation worth £300 (including replacement speakers) more than the cambridge set up. I listen to all types of music including classical rock and pop and the system will also be used to put sound from TV and DVD through.


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Firstly, forget the Onkyo. Yes, its a great little all-in-one solution and very musical, but good budget seperates leave it standing. I've just upgraded from CS-515DAB to Marantz CD5001/PM4001 to use with my Bronze 2s and I've noticed a much bigger difference than expected. If you can afford to skip that step now, I would do.

Either of the other packages would give you an excellent system for your money, but I would say that the Rotel/Marantz combo will comfortably out do the Cambridge Audio set-up. As well as the Rotel amp, try the new Marantz PM6002. It gives a different sound but might just be to your taste. The NAD gear is also well worth listening too. I'd organise some demos if I were you, because these brands vary quite dramatically in their sound and one is likely to please you more than the others.


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