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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all
I have a 15 years old Arcam Alpha 5 plus. During these years, it didn’t work too much (I mainly listen music using headphones) and always at gentle levels (so it shouldn’t be worn out).
The problem is that it started to hum. It’s a low level high frequency humming.
What could be the problem? Should a interior cleaning be enough to solve it? Could it be ruined?
Thanks for your support.


Hi John

Thanks for the input. The equipment near the amp it's the expected: CD player and turntable.

Nevertheless, I disconnected all and tested: still humming!

But I remembered one thing: I recently installed a powerline in the house. I disconnected the powerline and Voilá! The humming was gone!

So there is nothing wrong with the amp.

Now I rephrase my question: how can I filter the mains plug against the powerline? Obviously I need the powerline ON.


John Duncan

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So it's the powerline making your amp hum? (note to doubters: ITYS)

Do you have a wireless network at all? I mean does your internet connection come into a wireless router or is it all hard wired? If the former, I would add a cheap wireless extender where the powerline is currently; you can then wire whatever needs the network into that instead, and you should get much less interference.

An alternative (and more hit and miss) is to start getting into power cleansing stuff like a Tacima mains block - however, you might find it simply doesn't deal with the problem that you're facing. Much better to deal with the cause of the problem than try to treat its symptoms.




Hi John

I am certain that is the powerline. I've connected and disconnected several times and the humming started and stoped accordingly.

The problem is that I have a big house and the wireless does not have the required range. So I put the signal on the power line and get it on another router on the other side of the house. This way I have wireless all over the house... and hum in the amp!

I'll search for a cure (or mabe I can change the wireless arrangement?).

Thanks again.

John Duncan

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OK. Depends just *how* big the house is, but a wireless extender (30 quid or so) can usually be enough to get wireless where you want it. Are you using 'g' or 'n' networking? 'n' has a much better range, generally.