Almost 60 Denon and Marantz products now work with Roon


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Nov 27, 2008
Linn and Naim should adopt Roon and try convincing there dealers that Roon is the way to go, it is a shame that MQA is supported, in my view, it is an excuse for HD MP3! I use my library on an SSD HD drive, the sound is wonderful ;)

My #cymbiosis serviced 35 year old Pink Triangle still sounds better is most respects


Mar 29, 2020
Can someone please share how they think Roon is worth the price over just desktop with DAC and mid range HEOS streamer with Tidal HIFI and local FLAC?
I am currently on the trial after seeing the announcement and trying to liking it, but so far I am short on reasons.

My setup:
- macbook pro with DragonFly red plus Oppo PM3 cans
- Marantz PM7000n hooked up to Monitor Audio Silver 100
- Denon 3400 in the av room
Both amps have HEOS and are compatible with roon now

The desktop already supports MQA through the Dragonfly and Tidal app
On the Marantz, MQA would end up downsapled to 16bit airplay (cd like?)

Through the HEOS app I already have access to all of my streaming and local files.

I guess it boils down to the user experience but since I am pretty happy with the HEOS app already... wondering if I am missing something about Roon

thanks in advance!


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