AKG Headset k 272 HD or not? (Proper version)


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a budget of 300$ that i can spend on a headset.

I appreciate any suggestions and experiences shared. I've considered buying the AKG headset k 272 HD. To learn more about this produckt I've read several reviews and articles about it. Overall i think it fits my need in comfort, design and sound, except the lack which appeared in almost every review I've read. The lack of bass. Due to my choice of music, I've figured i might get dissapointed, and was hoping, anyone with experiences or suggestions about other headsets that might fit my demands more properly,would advise my, which will be cherised.

The music i listen to is mostly bass orientated, like DnB, Dance and House

Thx, for any help provided.


I'm new and unaware of how to delete posts? would appreciate of anyboduy would inform me


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Dec 7, 2011
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Here's a question I have asked of a hundred people on this topic and have never gotten an answer. You, CCryx3 could answer this I think: When I have bassy music tracks, I want to use a less bassy headphone to even things out. When I have tracks that are very shy on bass, I want to use a strong-bass headphone to compensate for the weak bass in the tracks.

But you seem to be saying the opposite - that the more bass you have in your music, the more you want to further exaggerate that bass with a bassy headphone. Or did I misunderstand your question?


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