Advice please: VHS to MPEG and Freeview all in one box


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Aug 10, 2019
I need a couple of things:

1. A freeview receiver. This is for "fun"

2. A recorder of some sort that must let me record from VHS tapes from my VCR to a digital format that I can export to my Mac. This is for "work".

I thought I'd buy a Freeview box and something like a Samsung DVD R150, record from VHS to DVD and then rip the dvds on my Mac. But it strikes me this is a bit awkward and that I might get it all in one box and cut out the DVD bit.

Ideally this would presumably be a freeview HDD box with firewire output, but I can't seem to find one at a budget price (actually, I can't find one at all that doesn't have DVD). I do not particularly need a DVD recorder since the main task is to convert to mpeg (mostly) and store on my Mac and if I really want to burn to DVD I can do this with the computer. Be nice if it could handle SECAM VHS input as well as PAL (all flavours). Rarely NTSC.

But I can't find much. Any suggestions? Oh, and I don't have much money :)




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Aug 13, 2010
Use a TV card in the computer that has Freeview and perhaps Freesat and composite video and/or S-Video input. Connect the video tape deck to the TV Card and import as MPEG2 (MPG files).

I use a Canopus ADVC300 external capture with Firewire input to the computer converting Hi 8 and S-VHS to DV format to edit and mix in with imported DV tapes.