Advice please: NAD AV 711, NAD 510 CD player, Sony Sub-woofer and Tannoy M5 speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all. I am new to this board and this is my first post. I have lurked for a day now. I have been extremely fortunate and lucked out by getting the following for the cost of 20 MacDonalds Big Mac Burgers (Literlally). Here in South Africa I think they (the MacDonalds burgers, that is) are about R25 each, and I landed the following at R500 (35 pounds with a direct aproximate currency conversion). A NAD AV 711 amplifier, a NAD 510 CD player, Sony SA-WM40 active sub-woofer and a pair of Tannoy M5 speakers. At present I have all components connected and playing "Death Cab for Cutie" as I type this... Essentially I am trying to find out which is the weakest link in my system component wise and will be looking at replacing it with a good value replacement from a musical angle. At present I cannot seem to get the sub-woofer to "mesh" with the system, so I have wrapped it and stored it away for now. I also have to keep the "girlfriend" factor in mind. The speakers are certainly a discussion point at present as they are very big for my little open plan lounge/diningroom and kitchen (10 by 4 meters or 30 by 12 feet) and VERY black... I am also leaning to replacing the speakers as well as I find that it is not easy listening at higher volumes. They sound really good to my ears at low volumes, but I cannot seem to listen to them at a medium volume. I have put curtains and more furniture (3 coutches) into the lounge, and layed a large mat in the area. It has helped, but thigs can still be a little bright. I am also looking for feedback on each of the components. I have noticed that the NAD remote is most certainly not made with any form of robustness in mind... Please, I need to know more about what I have and what I can do to maximise my good fortune. What are the weak points and strengs in my setup and where can I improve without breaking the bank! Thanks in advance for ANY feedback. Conlan


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