Advice please: Is the Roksan Kandy L.III Amp too good?


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Aug 10, 2019
Evening all.

Its time to replace my Marantz PM66SE and I'd like to make the step up this time and spend a bit more on its replacement. I've set my heart on the Roksan L.III but I'm a little worried that the rest of my kit won't do this step up in class justice.

I'm currently using a Marantz CD67SE and some Mission M74's, as well as my dj kit comprising of a couple of 1210's and a mixer. I listen to mainly techno, electro, 70's rock and 80's indie music and whilst I'd like to replace the CD player next year I have no plans to get shut of the Missions, which I love.

Any advice would be much appreciated and thanks for taking the time to read my post.


The Roksan Kandy LIII is an excellent multi-award winning amp and is not fussy about partnering - I have had it with Rotel, NAD, Marantz, Roksan etc and never had a problem.

It would however, be worthwhile for you to eventually upgrade your cd player and speakers to ensure that you are maximising the amp to it's fullest potential, when the opportunity permits. Do not forget decent cables, interconnects and speaker stands.

I would suggest that you look for a good 2nd hand amplifier on E-Bay as an interim measure until you are ready for a good system upgrade. It saves you money in the short-term for your long-term goals. Amps like Roksan Kandy MK2, Rotel RA-02, Marantz PM7200 etc could be had for less than £200.00.

Just my thoughts.


Or you could treat upgrades like a continuous process.

Better amp followed by better CD player followed by better speakers followed by better amp again.


Yup...problem is, these ugrades never seem to just keep thinking of going better...quite an addictive and expensive hobby, this.


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