Advice on suitable amp for MS 908i speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello, i recently picked up a pair of mordaunt short 908i speakers at a bargain price, but after hooking them up to my old sont TA-f442e amp the sound is less than desireable. I need to upgrade the amp without a doubt, but the guys at richer sounds say i need a pretty punchy amp to drive the 908's properly.

They recommeded the Cambridge audio 640a, or the marantz pm6002 but the blokes at superfi recommended the Rotel RA-04. Which one of these would be best coupled with the mordaunts. iv heard people say that marantz and mordaunt work well together

i have also spotted te Nad c352 is this a good choice, my budget is £270.



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Nov 18, 2007
I've listened MS908i with CA 640A V2, was very impressed, great combination though, generally MS speakers goes well with Cambridge amps, now they both are part of same company. i have 640c v2 and 640a v2, now looking whether to buy 906i or Boston Acoustics VR2, better you have a demo before deciding, hope it helps.


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Jan 18, 2008
Sell the MS's, save a little bit and buy a pair of EPOS M5's or REGA R3's. Waste of money to try and 'match' anything to a speaker such as the 908i's. Sorry mate, just an opinion, but your speakers are ok for HT, not so great for music.


I havent listened to the camberidge or the marantz, the nad c352 however i used to own and had it hooked up to arcams excellent cd73t cdp, Its a great amp and will drive your speakers easily as it has 80 watts per channel on tap.


thanks for the reponse, i probably shoud've added that i will be running my ps3 through the amp. i figured my stereo system will sound better than that tinny gutless lcd sound i'm getting. I could make a tidy profit on the 908's but i'd much prefer to get the right amp first and then see how it sounds, then maybe make a descision on selling the 908's after hearing what they can do.

hmm my mate just bought a ca 640a so maybe he'll bring it over and let me demo it in the my room. but iv heard nothing but praise for the c352, should i find one second hand and pick one up or just go for a new 640a?


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