Advice on speakers/cdp and cables for a Pioneer SA-9800 amp


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi .... hope I can receive some advice ...

My current system comprises of: Pioneer A400 amp ... Marantz CD63 MKII K1 signature cdp ... B&W DM2 speakers (the 1st version-3 way handbuilt transmissions) have received info from this site stating that the 'weakest link' in my current system is my A400 amp, so earlier this week, I have purchased a Pioneer SA-9800 amp (will collect next weekend) ...

will keep the A400 and make a 2nd bedroom system so, my questions ....

what speakers/cd players are recommended with the SA-9800 (prefer vintage gear as I dont have a big budget) am currently using a silver high breed coherence interconnect with my current system .... have ordered the SHB coherence speaker cable ....

I have noted that the SA-9800 has different speaker posts on the back .... the coherence speaker cable is 8awg (pretty thick) .... would it fit into the speaker posts or is it too thick? (the guy who sells them is still on holiday ... initially ordered with silver spades on all ends, but will tell him that I only need spades on the speaker ends)

The Pioneer SA-9800 can use a pre-amp / power amp etc.... any suggestions and what differences in sound quality will be made and which model is recommended?

If I need to replace the B&W speakers then will do so

Then .... for my bedroom system, I will using the Pioneer A400 with a Pioneer PDS703 cd player (paid a fiver for that from a carboot sale) ... so will be needing small speakers .... was thinking of Mordaunt Short or Diamonds or something good for approx £100 max(matthewpiano might be able to advise me on this, as he has Mordaunt shorts)

thanks in advance and sorry for the long post!


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Nov 23, 2007
With the A400 I'd steer clear of anything with a metal tweeter. If you want a bargain I'd look for a nice pair of Mission 760i or 760iSE. An excellent match to the Pioneer and should only be about £50.


thanks matthewpiano .... will have a closer look at those!


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Sep 17, 2009

I saw your advice to dimspan re Pioneer amp/speaker combination.

My set up is Pioneer SA 9100, Denon universal DVD palyer and IMF TLS 80 Mk II TL speakers. (I have a soft spot for the TLS80). I have also vinyls played on pioneer PL 71 TT.

Which component in the chain you think is weakest?

I have a Pioneer SA 9900 in my den not used.

Look forward to your or any other member comments.