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Aug 10, 2019

I am new to this forum and would be really grateful for some advice or opinions. I want to improve my HiFi system and have about £250 to spend.

Current System:Acoustic Energy Aegis 1 Speakers, Yamaha AX393 Amplifier, Yamaha CDX 493 CD Player. Gale Speaker Stands. Cambridge Audio Pacific Interconnect and Cable Talk 3.1 Speaker Cable.The speakers and electronics were What Hi-Fi ***** Group Test Winners, when I bought them about 8 years ago.

My plan is to upgrade the speakers, speaker cable and speaker stands with Monitor Audio BR2s. I have seen them on-line at £180 with free 10m QED Silver Anniversary XT cable and £20 off next purchase, which I was going to put towards the Atacama Nexus 6 stands.

What would you do?



I would leave you cables and stands as they are.I would change two things.The amp and the speakers to whatever you like.


I know I posted about a month ago but I have been working away and have still not upgraded my speakers.

Interesting comments Silly, I've also been advised to spend the money on a CD player instead of the speakers.

At the moment, I want to spend about £250 and will probably spend this on speakers and stands. My existing stands have only 1 small upright column and seem a bit unstable. My main concern is that I am 'upgrading' my speakers to a similar priced product. I plan to upgrade my Amp and CD player when funds are available but I would like to 'hear an improvement' for my money. Will I notice a good improvement if I buy the MA BR2s and biwire them? (the Acoustic Energys aren't biwirable) or do you think I should keep on saving money and spend more money on CD Player/Amp/Speakers?

I know I am talking small amounts of ££cash here but I would be really dissapointed if I didn't hear much difference for my money.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Jul 28, 2007
would keep the Argis1 and upgrade from that boring Yamaha amp (natural sound my bum!) and get yourself a Cambridge Audio 540A or Rotel 01. I wouldn't even thinking about spend more money on the cables just yet.


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