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Aug 10, 2019
Hi - I've recently moved into a new house and the old owner had wired in some Kef Eggs into the back wall of the living room with the leads coming out into the A/V cupboard - which is good. However, although I'd love to have full surround sound, the missus and the budget won't allow at this time! What I want to do is have a DVD player, preferably also with an ipod dock that I can pipe through these speakers and a DVD player that just runs through the TV - an all in one would be great - the reason for not running the DVD through the speakers is they're at the back of the room and this would be odd - but it's ok to have music coming out of the Kef's. Hope this makes sense and if anyone can help, I'd be grateful.



You are going to need some sort of amp to drive the speakers.

If you mostly listen to music then start saving for an amp

If you mostly watch home cinema then start saving for an AV receiver.

If you listen to music a lot get a dedicated CD player soon as poss. if not get a surround system that will play CD and DVD - there are a few that are not bad.

I would not use the rear speakers for music personally. I'd use them as part of a surround set-up as I built my system up.


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