Advice for new audio player please


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm looking to get rid of piles of CD's and a very old audio system, but am quite confused about what's on offer to replace this as am not exactly a techie!
All I know is that the new system would need to:
* be able to accommodate minimum approx 50GB of music - not to be played via the laptop as the laptop is more often out of the house than in the house (perhaps instead via external hard-drive?)
* Have a CD player
* Have FM radio
* Possibility for multi room
* Have an iphone dock
* Include boxes, tuner, etc.
* Ideally have a touch screen (showing album artwork)
Budget is approx £500-£750.
Any advice would be appreciated!


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You should also look at the Sony G-series micros. Both the G1 and G2 are excellent (every bit as good as the Marantz in my opinion). Take your pick - G1 + Squeezebox Touch would give you the same core box as the G2 (DAB, FM, AM, CD playback, amplification) combined with the greater flexibility of the SBT (Napster, Spotify, Streaming, internet radio). The G2 would give you a complete one-box solution that has streaming capabilities and internet radio built-in (though not as flexible as the Squeezebox). Sound on the G-series systems is superb - Sony having one of those moments where they show the world what they can really achieve.


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