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Aug 10, 2019
Hey guys

Im buying my first entry-level hi-fi system for a small living room, and need some advice.

I have all but decided to buy the Usher S-520 speakers and need a matching amp and DAC

The challenge is I will probably not be able to audition any amps in my price range other than the Marantz PM6003 together with the speakers. Price range is about £1000 for amp and DAC.

So I would like to ask if anyone has any experiece with, or advice on what would fit with the Ushers.

If the Marantz is a good fit, which DAC should i go for?

I have also thought about the Rega Brio + Rega DAC, but I am open to suggestions.

I am not the most experienced listener, but I would say like a detailed, neutral and open sound. As I wont be able to play too loud because of neighbours, so good sound at modest levels is key.



Haven't heard the Usher speakers you are referring to so others hopefully can comment on synergy.

However, I highly rate the Rega combination of Brio-R and DAC at this price point and would just advise you set up a demo with those and the Ushers.


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Aug 21, 2009
I agree with the suggestion of the Rega; or the Peachtree Nova can be had below £1k, and has a built in Dac.


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Mar 30, 2011
The XTZ A-100 D3 integrated amp should be a good match , it has a good built in DAC very good build Quality and plenty of current to drive the ushers and make them work even at low levels, and is it a bargain at £665 .

They also have a home demo service that would make things easier , so you can try before you buy .

Here is some info on the XTZ A-100 D3 integrated amp .

The info on this home demo option is here .

It should do the job well and is worth a try along with the other suggestions already made :)


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